Oh god! We messed up with multiple skins!

During the week there has been some work done on the art assets.  There is a model for our very own flying stands. But that is  not all,  for our enviroment we have some fancy looking houses that we can place in the background. We are sure that the residents will be happy with their housing.

During development there was just a tiny BIG struggle we faced this week. We wanted to add multiple skins to our models. For this we decided that we were going to do it easy and just create a new model and rig/ skin. This gaves a problems as soon as the skins arrived. While we had no problem implementing the skins into the system, we  did however notice a problem with our ragdoll. Because of this we decided to use others methods because, adjusting each ragdoll would take to much time. So went on a search for a solution and after some strugling (about 12 hours give or take) we found it. It is pretty straightforward we just created a single fbx with every mesh skinned to the same transform. Because of this method we can add as much skins as we want without adjusting the ragdoll (well as long as noone touches the bones ofcourse).

AS for new features  there is a option panel where you can change your visual settings. Player selection is color coded (tough it seems the color codes dont scale well). And there are a lot of new Power ups a player can recieve. Oh and ofcourse we cant forget it there are 4 working skins!.

For the coming 2 weeks development will slow down a litle but when those are over we are going back at it again. See you in a few weeks for a new episode of Dropkick: the devlog advantures!


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Mar 28, 2018

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