Sometimes you just got to code hard

A few days have passed. I do not remember the feeling of the sun. In the past days a lone developer has taken it upon him to fix the bugs that were left behind in the previous version of the game. Now the time has come to reveal the fixed (tm) version of the game.

The new update of Dropkick has fixed the issues that were present in the Wednesday version. You can now fight against each other we taught this small feature might come in handy for a combat oriented game. It Also includes a few new features such as spawn points and 4-player co-op controller support. 

On to coding specific parts the only real change is that for our explosion when a player is scored or revived we now use AddExplosionForce instead of AddForce. This decision is made to make the explosion appear smoother and to let them have different impact, depending on how far a player is from the explosion. Continuing this These explosion now also use Physics.OverlapSphere() methods instead of Colliders to detect all neighbouring players.

Now it is time to have a small break and maybe catch some sun! See you next week on another episode of DropKick: the devlog adventures!


DropKick_V0.4.rar 11 MB
Mar 09, 2018

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